What Guests Should Know

WHAT GUESTS SHOULD KNOW  Hosts have lived in San Diego for over two decades and know this city as well as anyone else. We provide full concierge service for all types of activities and gladly provide recommendations for restaurants, bars, and daytime/evening activities. We pride ourselves in making sure our guests enjoy America’s Finest City to its fullest extent possible. While we want all our guests to have fun and enjoy San Diego to its fullest, all guests must always follow the Good Neighbor Policy. This policy is all about respect especially regarding noise and any potential nuisances.  Respectful guests help the hosts maintain a positive relationship with the neighbors and City and allow this property to stay a short-term vacation rental. Parties, excessive noise, or violating maximum occupancy can result in fines and eviction with no refund.  Flexible check-in allows our guests to arrive as early as 11:30am when we do not have another guest departing the same day. When another guest is departing same day bag drop is fine but the maid will need time to clean before check-in. One night reservations are allowable only for same day check-ins or filling a gap in the calendar. Peak summer, holidays/holiday weekends, and spring break are 3 night minimums. Message us for questions/exceptions. NO DJ or loudspeakers permitted. The first offense will result in eviction. No exceptions.  Additional cleaning charges for guests that use glitter and confetti.  Smoking inside the property or on the balcony or rooftop deck is not permitted and will result in fines. All noise must subside AFTER 9pm on weekdays and 10pm on weekends. Properties are monitored with using Noise Aware devices and external cameras to ensure guests’ safety and mitigate the development of parties and nuisances to neighbors.  There are no internal cameras at any properties.    Due to our vibrant location and proximity to the beach, scuffs scratches and stains may exist within the house that are not photographed. We repaint and replace items often but not between every guest. If a property has a BBQ, please feel free to use it but if propane runs out, we kindly ask that guests refill it at local store. We may or may not have completely filled propane tanks upon your arrival as it depends on the guest prior. It´s guest responsibility to refill propane tanks but hosts will fully reimburse guests for the refills. Occupants or guests’ personal property, including vehicles, are not insured by Owner. Owner does not insure against personal injury to occupant/guests. Occupant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless owner from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, costs and attorney fees resulting from loss, damage, or injury to occupant, occupant’s guests or their personal property. All reservations at this listing fall under California Civil Code 1865 (2017) which gives manager, landlord, and cleaning service (“Inkeeper”) rights to enter the property and remove all guests and belongings after 11am on checkout date. By booking a stay with Luxury Beachside, all guests agree to the terms and provisions above.